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Founded in 1987, Challpac has strived to provide perfection through all facets of our business. In order to satisfy local and international interior designers from Hong Kong, Mainland China and Asia, we import only the best in class building products from Australia, Singapore, Europe and North America. The quality, color, pattern and finishes of the products are constantly improved and upgraded to keep up with the latest trends.

Word on the Street

"Challpac has lived up to the expectations of the community providing unparalleled service in an industry clouded by outdated practices"

"Always efficient, ever friendly CP is our only choice for veneers and laminates"

"Have loved every minute working with Challpac, they are always welcoming of our requests even if they are required the very next day"

"CP is the go to for quality building products, this has been well established throughout the industry for a number of years and will continue for many years to come"

"I am always pleasantly delighted when Challenge presents new products to us, they really do make our dreams become reality"

"It has been clear after years of dealings with Challpac that they always put the customer first, I have been blown away by their level of service,often offering solutions to problems I didn't even know we had"

"CP has proven themselves time and time again on their ability to deliver and their commitment to the industry"

"The final product never fails to disappoint, their veneers are always full of life and texture giving everyone a very impactful and lasting impression, something that cannot be said for the vast majority of other products"

"I always start with Challpac's catalogs to look for inspiration for my latest projects"

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